Jilito’s Commitment to Security

At Jilito, safeguarding the integrity of our systems is a top priority, as we strive to create a secure online environment for our valued users. While our dedicated team continuously works to fortify our website, we understand that security researchers and individuals may occasionally identify vulnerabilities. We greatly appreciate such contributions and actively collaborate with those who responsibly disclose such findings, ensuring swift resolution.

How to Report an Issue

While our Bug Bounty Program currently operates on an invitation-only basis, we encourage individuals who believe they have discovered a valid, in-scope vulnerability to report it via email at [email protected].

Upon receiving your submission, our team will promptly investigate the reported issue and engage with you to comprehensively understand and address the vulnerability. During this process, we kindly request that you refrain from discussing or disclosing the details of the vulnerability until the report is officially closed.

Acknowledging Your Contribution

Although we do not offer a bounty or cash reward program for such disclosures, we express our sincere gratitude for your valuable contribution in various ways. For ethically disclosed vulnerabilities, we are delighted to publicly acknowledge your efforts in a dedicated section on our website, showcasing our appreciation, with your consent.

A Heartfelt Thank-You

We extend a big thank-you to the security community and individuals who help us uphold the security standards at Jilito, ensuring a safe and secure experience for all our users.

A big thank-you!

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