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“Kito Step with Style”

Kito established since 1992 more than 30 years. Kito is no.1 famous footwear brand.

If you think about footwear you will think about KITO, we have many kinds of footwear ; slippers, sandals, fashion shoes, sneakers, sport shoes, flipflops, school shoe and kids slippers which was made from Thai’s people and made in Thailand.

We attach great importance to design. Not just chic style but stunned. We used high technology and innovation to make our footwear soft, light, strong and durable for every movement. These are KITO identity.

“Kito” is long established Thai footwear brand but always looks modern. As our brand was managed by new generation who has open concept limitless and break old rules to make our brand look modern and follow the trend.

We always keep create new image for footwear circle by finding the best and special materials from worldwide and outside world to serve our clients.

Moreover, KITO strive for being a world-class brand. We have been trusted in international standards from more than 40 countries such as India, Russia, Southeast and Middle East countries.