Vendor Payment Policy

This Policy was last modified on 01 October, 2022.

Payments to vendors are based on orders successfully marked as ‘Completed’ to the Customer in the Vendor Portal. In case a payment has been issued by Jilito to the Vendor for a delivered item that is later returned to Jilito by the customer, Jilito will deduct the equivalent amount in the next cycle and return the product to the Vendor (subject to return policy). Items that are in transit or at a Jilito warehouse location will be clearly listed on each Marketplace sales statement provided to the Vendor.

Payments for delivered products will be settled on 7 days basis according to the following structure where it is the last day of the payment cycle:

t + 1: Vendors can view their statements from Vendor Portal under the ‘Payments’ section – Available Monday.

t + 2: Amount transferred to Vendor’s bank account via Inter Bank Funds Transfer – Processed Wednesday.

In case of public holidays/weekends falling upon these dates, the payment date will be released on the first upcoming business day. In order to be eligible for payments, the Vendor must always keep a copy of the signed airway bill (at least 3 months) for products handed over to a Jilito-certified shipping provider.

For all orders (prepaid or cash on delivery) the vendor will be paid after the deduction of the following:

  • Admin Fees
  • VAT
  • Bank Charges (If Applicable)
  • Penalties (If Applicable)
  • Any other service fee (If Applicable)

Please find below the financial penalties for the following unwanted instances.

  • Sending a “wrong” item or a “counterfeit” item as opposed to what was advertised by the vendor.
  • Confirming the RTS status on order but not fulfilling the same leading to order cancellation.
ViolationsPenalty Charged to Vendor
Quality returns under “Wrong Item” and “Counterfeit Item”PKR 200 per instance
Cancellations after Ready-to-shipPKR 100 per instance
*Maximum amount deducted will not exceed 10% of the total payout for the cycle

If a ‘Returned Item’ or ‘Delivery Failed Item’ is not returned back to the vendor within 120 days from being shipped, the Vendor will be compensated by Jilito.