Vendor Chat Box: Standard Operating Guidelines

This Agreement was last modified on 01 January, 2021.

We are committed to providing the best vendor experience possible and while we are in the process of helping you out with a query, seeking a resolution, or any interaction taking place between the two parties, all we request is cooperation and respect from our vendors.

Please have a look at the below behavior guidelines and rules while contacting Jilito representatives on any channel.

Hate Speech and profanity

  • In our continuous effort to make Jilito a trusted platform with a wonderful shopping experience, we do not allow our vendors (or buyers) to use profanities, hate speech, or misbehaviour in their communication on the Jilito platform.
  • However, if you feel that during our point of service, you are in any way not satisfied, please feel free to give feedback at the end of your chat session on the form which will show up. You can also raise your concern on the contact us form for dissatisfaction with support service on other channels.
  • You are always welcome and allowed to share constructive feedback and criticism in a polite manner. You will face no hindrances to raising complaints in a respectful manner. We are always trying to improve and your feedback will help us in doing so.

Issuing Threats to Jilito employees

  • Jilito does not tolerate threats of any kind, using any method including phone calls, text messages, emails, or on our public communication spaces.
  • Under such circumstances, when a vendor has been proven to have issued threats to a Jilito representative, strict action can be taken.

No personal contact

Officer will not entertain any personal chat or call from the vendor and guide the vendor, to ask his/her query in the relevant official Jilito channel only with one of our representatives assist you during the official hours for vendor support.