Buyer-Vendor Interaction Policy

This Policy was last modified on 01 January, 2021.

Purpose of the Policy

Jilito’s Buyer-Vendor Interaction Policy outlines the standard of behaviour that vendors need to follow when connecting with customers on the Inquiry Board and, Chat Box (of Jilito).

This policy is in addition to, and in no way limits, other obligations of the vendors pursuant to the Marketplace Agreement.


Chat Box means the product live chat section on Jilito Platform.

Inquiry Board means question and answer section on the Product page on Jilito Platform.

Policy Guidelines

1. All Vendors are prohibited from conducting immoral/inappropriate behaviour which include but may not be limited to:

1.1. Sending inappropriate and unsolicited spam messages or emails to customers or other vendors.

1.1.1. Spam is a message, or part of a message that is both unsolicited and commercial in nature. Unsolicited means that recipient did not request for the message. Commercial in nature means that the message discusses, buying, selling and/or trading of goods and services.

1.1.2. Sending threats to customers or other vendors using any mode of communication i.e., phone calls, text messages, emails.

1.1.3. Displaying immoral behaviour when answering customer questions on Inquiry Board. Example “Product is not expensive, you are poor”

1.1.4. Using profanities and/or hate speech on Jilito Platform in communicating with customers and/or other vendors.

2. Vendors are encouraged to “Report” the question instead of replying to a question which is rude and inappropriate in order to hide it from the Inquiry Board.

3. All Vendors are prohibited from sharing their personal information /asking for contact details on Chat Box and/or Inquiry Board of Jilito Platform or Initiating Communication with Customers off of Jilito.
Example of sharing personal information: “Contact me at zero three four five…” or “Visit my website”

4. All vendors are prohibited from communicating with Jilito customers outside of the Inquiry Board and Chat Box. Vendors are not allowed to induce buyers to conduct offline transactions.

4.1. Offline transactions are transactions which originate from the Jilito platform, but are executed and completed outside of the Jilito platform. Vendors who are found and verified to have violated our platform rules, by inducing buyers to complete offline transactions, will be penalized.

5. All vendors are required to respond to buyers within the agreed time frame as part of all vendors’ commitment to be trustworthy and reliable.

6. Standard Service-level agreement to reply to a customer query will be within working hours.

7. Jilito is dedicated to creating a trusted platform, connecting vendors to buyers, that promises an amazing online experience. Jilito does not allow any vendors (or buyers) to deliberately create any form of an unhappy transaction, in any manner, for each party.

8. Self Promotion is prohibited: Vendors are not allowed to conduct fake conversations with intentions to increase their performance, in one way or another, on Jilito platform. Any vendor who is found to have conducted fake conversations, or in a way or another collaborated with someone else to do it, to intentionally increase performance on Jilito will be penalized.

9. Vendors cannot under any circumstances ask the customer to cancel his/her order on their behalf since Jilito has a zero-tolerance policy against such buyer-vendor interaction.

Consequences of Breaching Policy

  1. If a vendor is found to breach the Policy through any of the above actions, vendor will be given two (02) email warnings for the first two offences.
  2. After the email warnings, if the vendor continues to breach the Policy, his product page/shop will be delisted/taken offline for seven (07) days from Jilito Platform for the third offence.
  3. For any subsequent (4th) offences, after the third offence, the vendor shall continue being delisted for another seven (07) days and so forth until the vendor stops breaching the Policy.
Actions1st Offence2nd Offence3rd Offence4th Offence
Sharing/Asking Personal Information or
Initiating Communication with Customers off of Jilito
Email warningEmail warning7 days delist7 days delist
Immoral/Inappropriate behaviourEmail warning7 days delistShop Delist (Permanent)Shop Delist (Permanent)
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